The Best Doctor

Chiropractic unlocks your body's power to heal itself.

The Best Doctor

Chiropractic unlocks your body's power to heal itself.


Keep Going!

Or as Thomas Edison famously said, "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Keep Going!

Or as Thomas Edison famously said, "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."


Your Most Valuable Possession

Treasure and take great care of your health.

Your Most Valuable Possession

Treasure and take great care of your health.


Get Your Vitamin D

​February is the month that our vitamin D levels are at their lowest. If you're not able to get out in the sunlight, eggs and fish are high in vitamin D.

Get Your Vitamin D

February is the month that our vitamin D levels are at their lowest. If you're not able to get out in the sunlight, eggs and fish are high in vitamin D.


You Are What You Eat

You're the whole package - so eat whole foods!

You Are What You Eat

You're the whole package - so eat whole foods!


Fasting and Detoxification (via The Goldberg Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal)

Fasting / Detoxification is an important initial step taken with many, though not all of our patients. This is a period of time, differing with each person, to allow the body to rest and undergo a period of cellular detoxification. This initial step is often critical to the success of a patients health recovery program.

Easier to Give Up Addictions

Patients commonly find that in addition to accelerating their recovery process, detoxification/fasting is an excellent way to begin the process of breaking addictions to toxic habits such as tobacco, alcohol, junk food, coffee, etc. Giving up such unhealthy habits can be very difficult unless the body is first purified.

Once the body has been given the opportunity to undergo a period of extended rest and detoxification most people find their old toxic cravings to have vanished. They discover (often to their surprise) that old toxic cravings are gone and that they now find themselves desiring the healthy bounties of nature such as raw, juicy, fresh fruits, crisp flavorful vegetables, raw nuts, pure water, etc. Sleep becomes deep and restful, the mind becomes clear, thoughts become more peaceful and many experience an overall calm.

Rejuvenation and Repair

Detoxification permits years of accumulated metabolic wastes in the cells to begin to be eliminated, and allows the gastrointestinal, immune, and other systems a chance to rest and repair.

Good nutrition and good health cannot be achieved simply by putting foods, even "natural foods" into our mouths. Our bodies must be able to digest, absorb, and assimilate the nutrients to the cellular level and to efficiently dispose of the waste products produced in the metabolic processes.

When wastes have accumulated faster than the body can rid itself of them, the cells can no longer utilize nutrients efficiently and become compromised in their ability to stay healthy.

This is evidenced by such symptoms as fatigue, indigestion, sluggish bowels, diarrhea, headaches, menstrual problems, depression, skin disorders, musculoskeletal aches and pains, and eventually by degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, colitis, allergies, etc.

Dramatic Improvements

A period of total abstinence from food, taking water only (fasting), or being on a liquid diet or eliminative diet of some type, when properly supervised and executed allows the body the opportunity to catch up on its housecleaning chores and discard cellular wastes.

After this is accomplished, the cells work much more efficiently and are better able to utilize the nutrients ingested. Many patients experience dramatic improvements in the way they feel after just a few days, and "hunger pains" generally disappear between days two to four.

Note: Not all patients at our clinic fast. This is an individual choice made in consultation with each patient. In some cases fasting is contra-indicated and there are better options for the patient to take. All fasting is conducted on an out patient basis or at The Retreat at Brooks.

The Fasting/Detoxification Process

Energy Conservation

The major objective of fasting/detoxification is to allow for the body to regain its energy reserves. It is therefore important to rest as much as possible during the detoxification period. The more energy expended through work, exercise, or other forms of physical exertion, the less benefits one receives. Rest is essential!


During fasting/detoxification there may be discomforts as the body unloads wastes from junk foods, drugs, overeating, bad emotions, polluted air and water, pesticides in the foods, and metabolic wastes the body had not been able to discard previously.

Withdrawal symptoms from coffee and other drugs may occur as well as from sugar and foods that one is allergic to. Common symptoms include restlessness, headache, nausea, and a temporary worsening of whatever prior symptoms the patient had as the body directs its energies towards correcting those problems.

Please read Bumps on the Journey by Dr. Goldberg to understand this in greater detail.

During the fasting process Drs. Goldberg and Tener check patients on a daily basis if the fast is conducted beyond three days. Rest is essential during the fasting period. See below.

After Detoxification

After Drs. Goldberg and Tener decide to terminate the fast or liquid diet, patients are given a transition program to follow. This is an important time and directions should be carefully followed. The benefits of a fast can be ruined if the transition period is not adhered to.

Patients are then given a health program to follow which will include personalized recommendations for them to follow including dietary measures, sleep, rest, exercise, sunlight, water, supplements (as required) and other particulars in light of the patients condition, examination and lab findings.

For more information: Fasting and Chronic Disease Reversal


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"Connect to the Earth"

Video Lecture by Dr. Paul Goldberg

2011 NHA Conference

Physicians, heathcare professionals, and longtime enthusiasts of Natural Hygiene and healthy living recently gathered at the Regency Health Spa in Hallandale, Florida, to celebrate the 60th annual National Health Association Conference. Dr. Paul Goldberg was one of an outstanding group of keynote speakers that lectured on a wide range of topics, including nutrition, fasting, digestion, chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, allergies, healthy aging, and many more. Dr. Paul Goldberg's lecture, "Connect to the Earth," is now available for viewing:  Connect to the Earth, Goldberg Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal. Throughout his lecture, Dr. Goldberg explains how a lack of earth connections is in large part responsible for the steep rise in autoimmune conditions, allergies, and other chronic conditions over the past 20 years.


a REAL food pyramid

Dr. Joel Fuhrman devised this pyramid to represent food choices based on micronutrient density. As he states, "It is not sufficient to merely avoid low quality fats, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods. A truly healthy diet must be micronutrient rich and the micronutrient richness must be adjusted to meet individual needs. The foods with the highest micronutrient per calorie scores are green vegetables, colorful vegetables, and fresh fruits."

Interestingly, the government recommended "food pyramid" is the antithesis of this REAL food pyramid.

The Nature of Disease

“For, when once we realize the true nature of disease—that it is itself a curing process—and, as such, cannot possibly be cured!—to what has this theory of drugging, in order to “cure” the patient come? And this one single objection—the right understanding of the nature of disease—is, in itself, enough to condemn utterly and forever all drug-medication, without any additional or supplementary argument whatsoever. For what are drugs supposed to do? Obviously, to “cure” the disease: with that object they are administered, and for that reason they are taken. But this whole theory is based upon the idea that a disease is a thing that can be attacked, or driven out, or suppressed or subdued, or in some way affected by the drug; but when once we realize that the disease is in reality not an entity at all; that it is not, in fact, what we must fight or combat, but that it is itself the process of purification—of “getting well”—when this grand truth is once thoroughly realized and appreciated, its true significance grasped—then drug medication will take its rightful place in the history of science—and be classed with the other vulgar superstitions, than which it is no less pathetically amusing.”

Hereward Carrington in Vitality, Fasting and Nutrition


Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which helps in dealing with viruses and bacteria. You can use coconut oil for hair, skin, cooking, etc. It contains a lot of different healthy fats. And women, don't be concerned about fats being in your diet. Without healthy fats this effects your hormones and the way the hormones are being built in your body. So don't shy away from the healthy fats. These 3 fats are all natural fats, which means your body knows how to use well.

If you are fighting dry skin, especially in the winter time put coconut oil on. Although it is a bit greasy, apply it at night where ever you are dry and your skin will soak it up by morning.

There are so many benefits to using coconut oil, if you want to find some more things it is helpful for, click: Organic Fats.com and the benefits of coconut oil


Cows Milk - Summary of Dr. Kradjian

Cows Milk

This article was sent to me from a friend, and is a very interesting read. I summarized it, and if you would like to read more please visit http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html. The article is written by Robert M. Kradjian, MD and breast surgeon.

Milk was a very first food and is surrounded with emotions, especially if it was our mother’s milk. Our nations is full of milk drinkers, and of all ages from infants to elders. The question that is being asked is who is the right person to listen to while trying to decide is milk is appropriate for human consumption. The following study is a study of nature. Of the 500 out of 1500 aricles that were read (the ones being discarded upon relevance) it was found that none of the authors found milk as an excellent food and was linked with “intestinal colic, intestinal irritation, intestinal bleeding, anemia, allergic reactions in infants and children as well as infections such as salmonella. More ominous is the fear of viral infection with bovine leukemia virus or an AIDS-like virus as well as concern for childhood diabetes. Contamination of milk by blood and white (pus) cells as well as a variety of chemicals and insecticides was also discussed. Among children the problems were allergy, ear and tonsillar infections, bedwetting, asthma, intestinal bleeding, colic and childhood diabetes. In adults the problems seemed centered more around heart disease and arthritis, allergy, sinusitis, and the more serious questions of leukemia, lymphoma and cancer.”

Milk is a maternal section that is short term as a source of food for new-born infants and once old enough is weaned off of milk to whole foods. We are the only species on the planet that drinks other mammals milk. Pups drink dogs milk, calves drink cows milk, kittens drink cats milk, etc. Every mammals milk is different and has different components. The different componets, such as how much essential fatty acids, or protiens is baised on what is required from the mammal. A calve needs nutrition that will allow it to grow massive skeletal or muscle while human infants need nutriton to develop their brains, spinal cords and nerves.

Cows milk is not pure like it used to be 50 years ago. Cows would produce 2,000 pounds of milk a year and now are producing 50,000 pounds a year. This is possible due to drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding plans, etc. Mammals excrete toxins through the milk. Pesticides are stored in the fatty tissues, therefore for woman have pesticides that they are lacting. It was found that vegetarian mothers have half the levels of contamination.

There seems to be a large correlation between juvinelle diabetes and cows milk (for mor information go to the exact article, there are many studies that talk about this). As well as leukemia, lymphoma, lung cancer and ovarian cancer are highly correlated with milk consumption.

Milk is highly recommended to be drank due to it is a “good source of calcium” and “good source of amino acids.” However, excessive amounts of dairy products interfere with calcium absorption. The high amounts of protiens that cows milk provides actually causes osteoporotic problems. Countires with the highest amount of intake of dairy products (ie US) have significantly high cases of osteoporosis.

“For the key to the osteoporosis riddle, don’t look at calcium, look at protein. Consider these two contrasting groups. Eskimos have an exceptionally high protein intake estimated at 25 percent of total calories. They also have a high calcium intake at 2,500 mg/day. Their osteoporosis is among the worst in the world. The other instructive group are the Bantus of South Africa. They have a 12 percent protein diet, mostly p lant protein, and only 200 to 350 mg/day of calcium, about half our women's intake. The women have virtually no osteoporosis despite bearing six or more children and nursing them for prolonged periods! When African women immigrate to the United States, do they develop osteoporosis? The answer is yes, but not quite are much as Caucasian or Asian women. Thus, there is a genetic difference that is modified by diet. “

So where do we get our Calcium, if it isn’t from milk? We can get it through green leafy vegetables that grow in the ground. Horses are not drinking cows milk that they have strong bones.

The current recommendation for protein is .75g/kilo/day for adults that are between the ages of 19 and 51 (note that says Kilos no per pound).

Lacose (milk sugar) needs to have the enzyme lactase and humans only produce lactase within the first few years of life and the mechanism actually gets turned off as we get older, which is why many adults are lactose intolerant.

He summarizes by this “So don't drink milk for health. I am convinced on the weight of the scientific evidence that it does not "do a body good." Inclusion of milk will only reduce your diet's nutritional value and safety."


Misconception and Calories

Today I was at the gym and decided to pick up a magazine that was offered there. While reading this magazine there were many misconceptions that the public is getting. In the magazine it was talking about calories and 8 foods that were under 80 calories. Instead of putting some healthy choices all of them were of candies, popcorn, sodas. They had a great big diet coke picture in the middle that of course was 0 calories. They also had 4 chocolate covered pretzels. I don't know about you but if I am going to treat myself I most likely will not stop at 4 covered pretzels. You could eat 3 sweedish fish. Again, I don't know about you, but I don't believe that these things mentioned would in the slightest bit satisfy me. There are many choices that are more satisfying and because of the fiber content that is included in these it will actually make you feel full and not make you over eat on them and if you are worried about calories then you will be consuming less calories. Water with squeezed lemon, orange, or lime gives you a delicious taste, does not have fake sugar (which actually changes functions in your body to where you body stores more... that is what is in diet sodas!) and also hydrates you. Here are some fruits/foods that are nutritious leaving you more satisfied and have more content then just 3 Swedish fish.

2 cups of watermelon: 92 calories
1 medium apple: 95 calories
1 large orange: 86 calories
6 cups of shredded lettuce: 48 calories!
1 cup cherry tomatoes: 27 calories
1 cup cucumber: 16 calories

I think you get the point. The list can continue on and on!!



"1 mammography screening exposes the patient to 1-4 RADS of radiation (2 views of each breast). If a woman age 55-75 has annual mammograms, she will receive a minimum cumulative exposure of 20 RADS of radiation over that period. Comparison: women who survived the atomic bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki received a dose of 35 RADS of radiation. One big dose all at once is worse, but there's no doubt that significant damage is caused by a cumulative dose as well."


Running Raw: Stressful Foods

This is a Video about stressful foods on your body:

Tim VanOrden is an amazing raw vegan. He is going a thing called Running Raw. He has been breaking records. I believe he is in his 40's and is still going strong. He travels all around the country!